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Keeping Safe While Jogging on the Streets: Tips to Remember

Solo running or jogging can be a fun and empowering refuge, helping you stay healthy while enjoying the company of your surroundings. It provides several benefits, from giving you a healthy way to blow off steam to a peaceful space to enjoy me-time. But it can also be dangerous. In fact, more than 122,000 runners get hit by vehicles and end up in the hospital annually.

Besides hiring a car crash attorney to ensure that you get compensation when you get injured while running or jogging, below are more tips to follow to make your runs safer.

Stick with Familiar Routes

When going solo, stick with tried-and-true running spots to avoid getting lost or finding yourself in an unsafe situation. So, go for a route that’s well-traveled, lit, and safe when running or jogging by yourself. However, it’s best to mix it up once in a while as going the same ways every day can make you a target.

Inform Others

Before heading out and starting your run or jog, let someone know about your intended route and the estimated amount of time you’re going to be gone — and check with them once you return safely. If you bring any traceable gadget like your smartwatch or phone, enable location sharing to let your loved ones know you’re on your regular cardio session.

Always Carry Your ID and Phone

When going for a solo run or jog, ensure to have your phone and ID with you just in case of an emergency happening. However, make sure that your phone contains emergency numbers or your doctor’s number to address issues quickly. You should also carry an ID like a driver’s license or medical insurance card with you at all times.

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Be Visible

When planning to go for a run or jog, it’s best to go during daylight. As there’s still ample light outdoors, making it safer for you. However, if you plan on running or jogging early in the morning, at night, or dusk, make sure to dress bright and go for reflective clothing for oncoming traffic to see you if you’re running throughout the area. These colorful clothes include the colors white, yellow, orange, green, and blue. Avoid taking secluded parts or dark routes.
Limit Distractions

To ensure you’re safe while going for a solo run or jog, you need to limit your distractions. For instance, though running with your headset or earbuds is a great way to help you stay motivated throughout the run or jog, it can be highly distracting. You can eliminate the hassle by using only one earbud or keep your music’s volumes down.

Run with Your Dog

Although you may seek the convenience and solitude of running or jogging solo, it’s best to have your furry friend to tag along. Having your dog alongside your runs give security and comfort while deterring individuals who may consider bothering you. If you don’t have a dog, offer your friend or neighbors to walk their dogs for them.

There are safety tips you need to follow when going for a jog or run alone. Runners and joggers are at risk of getting into traffic accidents, facing animal attacks, or personal assaults—and the tips mentioned can help reduce these risks, making your cardio sessions safer and more fun.

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