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The Art of Female Power Dressing

The clothes do not make the woman, but it certainly adds flair and confidence to her strut. Many workplace experts have touted the power of dressing up in the office—it helps a woman feel more attuned to her abilities. It gives every female worker a sense of self-assurance needed to brave through the day. And every woman that gives her 100% is an asset to the company.

Power dressing—or a fashion movement that establishes the wearer’s authority in the professional or political environment—works wonders for women. Think of the one time you felt ever so pretty in a new dress; that’s what power dressing feels, only on a bigger scale. Not only will you feel beautiful, but you’ll also feel like you can solve every problem without chipping the paint off your dainty fingernails.

People feel this strong aura around you, too. By helping you maximize your potential, your “boss energy” produces glowing results from 360 reviews online. You become more magnetic, even as you command respect. So here are a few ways to build your power-dressing wardrobe:

Invest in Staples

A high-quality blazer can be pricey, but it will give you years of power and attitude. When it comes to staples, like coats, blazers, pants, and form-fitting dresses, it’s better to spend a little more than deal with poor fabrics and colors that fade in places. The goal is to look polished and sophisticated, and you will reach peak chic if with quality clothes.

Fill your wardrobe with timeless silhouettes. Follow trends for street style ensemble—those you wear to the market or Sunday brunch. In non-workplace settings, experiment with oversized Victorian sleeves or leather boiler suits. But when we’re talking about officewear, you never go wrong with cuts that transcend fast fashion. These include a classic double-breasted blazer, knee-length pencil skirts, and tailored pants.

Have Your Clothes Tailored

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There is nothing worse than an ill-fitting blazer or pants. Tailoring your clothes costs a little more time and money, but they will make a world of difference. People notice the fit first before they see the fabric and the frills. Even if it is the most expensive velvet and lace, if the fitting is lousy, it will not look as powerful as you want it to be.

So as much as possible, have your clothes tailored to fit your body. This will make you look incredibly sharp.

Don’t Forget Grooming

Your grooming must be as polished as the clothes you wear. Dirty nails and unkempt hair will water down the effect of the power blazer and sky-high heels. So on top of spending on quality clothes, invest in your appearance and spend a little time on your grooming. Have your nails done, choose a hairstyle you’re comfortable with, and get healthy-looking skin. Great outfits, together with presentable grooming, amplify the boss energy.

Power dressing goes beyond vanity. It is sending the message that you are well-put-together and that you can handle the demands of the job. It conveys professionalism, competence, and grace under pressure.

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