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5 Factors Contributing to Unproductivity in the Office

• Poor Time Management is a common source of unproductivity at work, which can be avoided by setting realistic goals and taking regular breaks throughout the day.

• Lack of Focus is another issue that should be addressed, as it often leads to overstimulation which impacts productivity.

• Poor Oral Health can lead to presenteeism and absenteeism, which can be avoided by regular cleanings every six months and improving nutrition.

• Stress is a significant source of unproductivity that should be managed by taking time away from work, getting adequate sleep, and exercising.

Being productive at work is a challenge for many of us. However, it can be challenging if you’re unaware of the hidden factors preventing you from working efficiently. Here’s a look at five common yet often overlooked sources of unproductivity in the office and provided tips on avoiding them.

Poor Time Management

Many overestimate how much they can accomplish in a day or week, leading to an overwhelming feeling when their goals aren’t met. To avoid this, setting realistic expectations and managing your time wisely is essential. For example, create a daily task list with achievable goals and stick to it. Also, take regular breaks throughout the day so you don’t feel burnt out.

Lack of Focus

Overstimulation is one of the biggest enemies when it comes to productivity. Spending hours scrolling through social media or checking emails can be tempting, but that won’t get your tasks completed any faster! To increase focus, try turning off notifications on your devices and limit yourself to set times for checking emails throughout the day.

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Poor Oral Health

Studies have found that oral health is connected to both presenteeism and absenteeism. If you didn’t know, presenteeism is when an employee is at work but not performing as well due to illness or poor health. There are various ways to avoid this, and here are some of them.


If you have aging employees, they must get implants for missing teeth. The gap between their teeth can lead to periodontitis, making them absent from work. As an employer, it’s your job to make deals with local dental offices for affordable tooth implants for these employees. It can make a huge difference in their performance.

Regular Cleanings

Having regular cleanings every six months is vital to maintaining good oral health. Your employees should be encouraged to get their teeth checked regularly, even if they feel as though they’re fine. Doing this can help prevent dental illnesses that could lead to them having to take time off work.

Improved Nutrition

What your employees eat can affect their productivity. They must get the proper nutrition to help them stay alert and focused during their workday. Encourage employees to eat breakfast, bring healthy snacks from home, and provide access to healthy vending machines or food delivery services in the office.


Stress makes it hard for us to think clearly, leading to decreased productivity. To reduce stress, ensure employees take time outside work and get adequate sleep each night. You should also practice deep breathing exercises or meditation before starting your day, as these activities have been proven helpful in reducing stress levels. There are other ways to reduce stress in the office. Here are some of them.


One activity that can help employees manage their stress levels is exercise. Encourage your team to walk during lunch or take part in yoga classes. Exercise can help them clear their mind and return to work feeling refreshed and energized.

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Flexible Scheduling

Allowing employees to have flexible working hours will enable them to manage their time better and reduce stress. This also allows them to attend doctor’s appointments, go to the gym, or spend time with their family without worrying about missing work.

Regular Feedback

Giving employees regular feedback on their performance can help them stay motivated and on track. This also allows you to address any issues causing stress and find a solution together.

Technology Issues

Technical issues are inevitable when it comes to working with computers all day long, but they can also cause a lot of frustration which increases stress levels and decreases productivity levels significantly. Make sure all equipment is updated regularly, have backup systems in place if something goes wrong, and encourage regular maintenance checks for all technology used within your office space or business environment.

By understanding the sources of unproductivity in the workplace, you can ensure your team works effectively and efficiently. In addition, implementing these tips can help create a productive and positive work environment for your employees.

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