Helicopters and Shipping Containers What You Need to Know

One of the best ways to properly transport shipping containers, getting them to the next destination is by use of a helicopter. Helicopters can handle some of the smaller shipping containers, getting them out of areas that can’t be reached by vehicle so that they can get to a location where they can be properly transported. These helicopters aren’t meant to carry them for long distances.

According to this video, helicopters will first come in with a high turn before approaching the shipping container. This gives them the opportunity to drop the cables needed below so that they can be secured on the shipping container.

Video Source

Down below, they will hover until the cables are connected and the shipping container is secure.

The container will need to be in an open space. so that they can slowly lift it up and get it about the tree line safety with the helicopter shipping container. The helicopter will first line it straight up and then gradually start moving in the direction needed to reach the next destination.

When it’s time to land with the shipping container, the helicopter will make another wide turn so that it can come down gradually, easing the helicopter down to its destination. This will need another team there to detach the container so the helicopter can ease back up and retract the cables.


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