2 Leg Chain Sling Uses and Other Useful Methods

When working at a job site, there are several types of ropes and slings one may encounter. A leg chain sling consists of smaller links that make an entire chain. As described in the video, a 2 leg chain sling is present on an alloy chain sling and made up of several parts including the sling leg and a lifting attachment. Common uses of a leg chain sling are listed below.

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Because leg chain slings are sturdier than most links, they can be used to lift extremely heavy loads. This includes lifting iron sheets. When the links are used for heavy lifting, these links and leg chains can lift up to 90 tons. These can be found in steel mills and heavy machinery plants.

These leg chains can be used in working environments boasting extreme temperatures. When working under such conditions, web slings or mesh metal slings cannot handle the same extreme temperatures. Alloy chain slings use leg chains for different jobs, and they can be adjusted. A 2 leg chain sling can be made longer or thicker for added integrity.

Understanding the different types of chains helps workers select the best alternatives. Lifting tons of weight requires a leg chain with added integrity. This can mean a difference between dropping and damaging loads, or completing tasks efficiently.


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