B2B Brand Positioning Strategy Tips and Tricks

If you’re the owner or marketing manager of a growing company, you know that B2B brand positioning is essential to your digital marketing campaign. When a potential client is looking for a reason to buy the products made by your company, your job is to let them see why products made by your company are better than your competitors’ products. Here are some tips and tricks for helping you plan and execute the ideal branding activities:

Finding the Right Customers

Customers go to the internet to find a place to buy products or to get services. For example, if a customer is looking for exhaust muffler repair, they want assurance of the repair shop’s ability to fix the problem quickly for a reasonable price. B2B brand positioning for an exhaust muffler repair shop involves creating an impression of expertise, timely service, customer relations, and competitive prices.

Your branding must create the impression that your company will fill all those needs. When planning to display your brand online, ask yourself what your company’s best asset is. If your company’s staff has mechanical expertise, and you get an overwhelmingly positive customer response, your marketing content should emphasize that. To best inform your potential clients of your quality work, they should see positive customer reviews soon after arriving at your website’s welcome page.

Those words must be used in the website’s headline to draw in clients seeking quality work. Searches on Google will be ranked according to keywords, so a headline that reads ‘Expert Exhaust Muffler Service’ will attract the attention of people seeking what your business provides. The searchers will want positive client reviews and pictures of your competent mechanics working on a muffler. According to Gaebler, the color blue gives the perception of trustworthiness, so using blue lettering can help your potential clients feel they can trust your artistry.

Developing the Right Product

Some products have exacting standards. When clients are looking for those products, they want to know that they have been made as expected. One such product is FC Durapro mill liners for ball mills. Mill liners are used in grinding machinery for the mining industry, and the FC Durapro version has a reputation for impressive durability and flawless performance.

When a client is seeking this product, they will first want to verify the manufacturer’s authenticity. They are looking for something that must meet the expected standards for that product – and will cost a reasonable price. Effective marketing of this product would include the word ‘authentic’ on its website. A potential client would want to see the brand name of the product.

When planning ideal content for your company website, the perfect product presentation for the best B2B Brand Positioning would also feature a picture of the mill liner. The mill liner picture should prominently display the FC Durapro brand. These liners ensure the ongoing grinding action of mining equipment by protecting it against the materials’ abrasiveness.

Prioritizing Customer Pain Points

Mobile column lifts are devices attached to the wheels of trucks that are used to lift the truck. These lifts allow you to inspect the undercarriage of the truck. Someone looking for mobile column lifts for sale would typically look for a company selling truck repair parts or a DIY store. Customers looking for mobile column lifts would want to know how high they will go, how much weight they can safely hold, and how much they cost.

Potential clients for these devices would want to avoid typical pain points expressed of mobile column lifts. There are two types of these lifts: hydraulic and mechanical. According to Inspection Pits, most clients prefer hydraulic lifts since the mechanical version requires safety nuts, which can be challenging to find. Although most quality lifts are gold-label certified, certification is not mandatory.

Another concern of potential buyers is the extent to which mobile column lifts are tested. This makes it easy to determine how to do B2B brand positioning. The content on your company’s website should address how high the lift can go, how much weight it can safely support, and whether it is hydraulic or mechanical. Potential clients of these devices will want to see a notice that the devices have been tested – and whether they have been certified.

Solving Compliance Problems

Some products distinguish themselves by requiring regulatory conditions to be met for the product to be used. PDO (polydioxanone) threads are one of those products. FDA cleared PDO thread is a biodegradable, absorbable surgical suture placed into the body. A typical usage of PDO threads is to lift the sagging skin of someone’s chin, jowls, and neck.

These threads can only be inserted by a medical professional who has received training in PDO insertion procedures. When a needle inserts the thread, one of two things typically happens. If the PDO thread is left in, it dissolves – and stimulates the collagen in that area to fill in the place where the thread was placed. The alternate action taken by PDO practitioners is to pull the thread tightly in a way that shifts sagging skin – and then anchors the surrounding tissue, so the skin will stay permanently taut.

Because these threads are inserted by an invasive procedure (one that goes inside the body), there are FDA standards that must be met before they can be inserted. Your B2B brand positioning, if you are marketing for a medical spa providing this service, can be accomplished by reassuring your clients that your clinic has complied with FDA regulations. They will want to know that the procedure will work, but they will also want assurance that it is safe.

Automating Costly Tasks

Technology has brought many modern solutions to modern industries. Many companies have now embraced technological innovations that allow them to produce their merchandise more quickly. One of the more popular ways of speeding up production has been with robots – also known as pick and place automation. These robots are so named because they’re programmed to pick up items from one part of an assembly line or warehouse and then place them somewhere else.

These robots are built with advanced vision systems and GPS-type tracking. They are then programmed to recognize their pick-up place and to know which items to pick up. After they pick up their items, their programming prompts them to travel to where they must bring them (usually the shipping department.) These actions allow the company with the robot to get their work done more efficiently.

The speed of these robots makes the B2B brand positioning evident for the companies wanting to market them. Your wisest choice would be to gather production records from your satisfied customers. You can then post the customers’ previous production records for their current production time (‘Our customers report a 30% faster production time!’)

Supporting Business Marketing

Every business needs a printer or printing services. Despite how much business is conducted online, paper memos and paper records have their place in business transactions. One of the many types of business that utilizes a printing service could be a marketing business. Marketing businesses help other companies to effectively promote their products.

Websites for marketing companies can utilize B2B brand positioning to let other companies know they can use the unique features of each business to help them promote their products and services. Reviews from different companies and various marketing packages are ideal for promoting a marketing business. Marketing companies can use examples of how their campaigns have improved their clients’ business revenue.

Improving Factory Environment

Commercial pest control services have a clear and necessary role in business. Therefore, their strategy for B2B brand positioning is evident. You want your potential clients to know you will eliminate pests from their facility. However, all pest control companies have the same goal, so you need to show how your company stands out.

If your company has a unique focus or concept, promote that unique emphasis. For example, if your company uses only sustainable products, you can utilize that as your marketing campaign’s focus. Perhaps your expertise is with the speed of your customer response, or your company offers a variety of packages for clients. Brainstorm with your fellow managers to select a unique feature of your business and utilize that as a focus of your marketing campaign.

One popular marketing tool used by many companies is a monthly industry-related blog. The blog can feature topics related to pest control, commercial cleaning, etc. These blogs can attract clients who come to your website to learn but then look around and decide to do business with you. You can tie the blog to a monthly promotion; for example, a monthly blog about pest prevention could be combined with a ‘pest prevention service’ at a discounted rate.

Branching Out Beyond the Commercial Sector

Government organizations or charities need to offer contracts for services that they need to operate. Companies that provide those services must, therefore, market them —just as they must when marketing services to commercial establishments. One of those types of services is known as ERRCS DAS. This term stands for Emergency Responder Radio Communication System and the Distributed Antenna Service.

These systems are used by government branches and law enforcement divisions during public emergencies. These systems are ideal for multi-story buildings, hospitals, schools, and other large buildings for which communication may require more effort to coordinate. Public organizations still determining whether they need ERRCs, and DAS systems can check with their local fire department or building code authority.

Companies that design and market those types of systems can accomplish their B2B brand positioning by providing straightforward information about their system’s features. Organizations that need these systems are trying to find the features they need at the price they have been allowed to use. A factually based campaign (perhaps with pictures of real officers using the equipment) is sufficient for this type of service.

Prioritizing Accuracy and Quality

When police officers are performing the duty of speed enforcement, the current method of detecting the speed of vehicles is to use a stalker radar device. According to Linked In, these handheld “guns” have the most powerful radar system available. In addition to handheld guns, police officers can get dashboard-mounted devices to help the officer document vehicle speed efficiently. The method used by the “gun” utilizes lidar (laser radar) to track the speed.

Companies selling these devices can construct B2B brand positioning by achieving the devices’ special features or by promoting speed and accuracy. To attract a potential client, you can prominently advertise detection speed and accuracy percentages – using bright red or yellow text. The analysis of a trusted lab or testing agency can provide the most enticing information you can display on your website.

Offering Services vs Products

Marketing experts can confirm that companies that market services (rather than commodities) should see their services as commodities. With that in mind, crafting a B2B brand positioning for a company that provides video surveillance and analytics should consider both the surveillance cameras (a commodity) and the analytics (a service). Potential clients could be looking for one of those aspects of the company – or they could be looking for both.

Video surveillance and analytics involve CCTV cameras to detect unexpected movements at the monitored location. These systems are typically used by security teams and law enforcement organizations to record and analyze the activity seen by the cameras. The use of these cameras for law enforcement purposes is a well-known way for them to be used.

However, clever marketing is now persuading other companies to use these systems for marketing analysis. For example, stores could use the same cameras that catch shoplifters to detect which of the store’s jewelry counters gets the most looks. It could further analyze store camera footage to tell the company what age range, ethnicity, and gender their customers are – and whether the time of day changes those demographics.

As you can see, although basic marketing principles can help promote most businesses effectively, more thought can be given to your company’s brand. Looking at the uniqueness of your company can ignite your imagination and allow you to compose a unique marketing plan. When you let that uniqueness drive your marketing strategy, you may find the key to new, untapped sources of client revenue.



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